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Transgulf shipping Services & Trading is a ship brokerage firm based in Dubai whose principal activities are in the  chartering to the international shipping market as well as general trading.Our clients include offshore petroleum,towing & marine construction industries wordwide.Our vessels have also been utilized as a means of transportation for goods such as coal,timber,heavy machinery,pipes,structures,sand & rocks.
In the chartering divison,Trans Gulf shipping services & Trading,proactive & innovative unique approach has seen it consistently winning long term contracts with multi-national organizations against international competition.
With an experienced management team,Trans Gulf Shipping services & Trading has become a leading customer focused & specialized company in the global shipping market.The company is committed to using its extensive knowledge of the maritime industry to its customers advantage.
International Shipping
We strive to provide our clients with professional,efficient & competitive service.Our commitment to excellence begins by ensuring that we are always focused on meeting the higher expectations of our clients


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